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This workshop also includes the learnings and findings from the States that early adopted PBN. 

State regulators will learn:

✔ the requirements to issue PBN operational approvals in a consistent fashion
✔ how to guide the air operator through the operational approval process 

Air operators will learn: 

✔ how to carry out the PBN operational approval process more efficiently, reducing both time and resource requirements
✔ their role and responsibilities in the approval process
✔ the assessment tasks of each area implicated for PBN approvals: airworthiness and flight operations 


Montreal, Canada
10 - 14 September 2018, 8:00am - 5:00pm EDT 

Designed for air operators and State regulators, this live workshop addresses the step-by-step PBN operational approvals process and provides a practical assessment exercise.

Your course at a glance

In this workshop, you will learn about: 

✔ ICAO PBN fundamentals and concepts
✔ PBN performance and functional requirements, RNP/RNAV navigation specifications
✔ Area navigation system basics and their application to PBN, including waypoint transitions, path terminators (leg types) and PBN compliant navigation sensors
✔ Oceanic and remote, en-route, terminal maneuvering area (TMA) and approach navigation specifications - where they apply
✔ PBN operational approvals and airworthiness criteria documentation
✔ Operational and functional requirements of PBN navigation specifications
✔ How to obtain an operational approval for a PBN navigation specification
✔ The step-by-step operational approval process

This workshop also includes:

✔ Access to the PBN reference centre
✔ A copy of the "PBN Operational Approval: A How To Guide"
✔ An online PBN assessment tool 


PBN Operational Approvals Process Workshop

ICAO PBN workshop photos

Course schedule overview 

Day 1

  • Registration
  • Official welcome
  • Introduction and workshop overview
  • Introduction to PBN
  • PBN basics
  • PBN theory

Day 2

  • PBN theory (cont.)
  • Approaches
  • Ops Approvals background and technical considerations
  • Ops Approvals – Airworthiness
  • Ops Approvals – Continuing Airworthiness
  • Ops Approvals – Flight Operations

Day 3

  • Ops Approvals Process and steps 
    -“How to Guide”
    - Worksheets
    - Process steps

Day 4

  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Authorization Required (AR) Ops Approvals
  • Ops Approval Assessment exercise

Day 5

  • Ops Approval Assessment exercise
  • Ops Approval Assessment exercise de-brief
  • Wrap-up & de-brief
  • Certificate
  • Closing activities

PBN Operational Approvals 



Montreal, Canada
10 - 14 September 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm EDT 

Designed for state regulators and air operators, this live instruction workshop addresses PBN operations and provides a practical assessment.

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