ICAO Journal Vol. 74 No. 2

Also in this issue: 40th Assembly, History of ICAO, No Country Left Behind, Air Navigation Evolution, CORSIA Implementation and so much more.

ICAO Journal Vol. 73 No. 2

Gender Summit - #TimesIsNow to Enable Equality in Aviation. Infographic ICAO 2017 at a Glance. AVSEC Case Study: Brazil. Preview: 13th AN - Conf. GANP, GASP, GASOS, Safety Management, And Innovation

ICAO Journal Vol. 73 No. 1

Combatting Human Trafficking. World's 1st PBN-Only Airspace. Report on Legal Seminar Africa. GASeP. AsiaPac. Green Airports. Alternative Fuels. Runway Safety. IWAF/3 in Nigeria. Encouraging a New Generation of Aviation Professionals

ICAO Journal Vol. 72 No. 4

AVIATION FOR A BETTER FUTURE Global Connectivity and Economic Growth. Also in This Issue: Reports on Space 2017, GACS 2, Drone Enable/RPAS 2017, DGCA54. DREAMS SOAR-SHAESTA's Journey and ICAO's Support. The Emerging Era of Electrics.

ICAO Journal Vol. 72 No. 3

AVSEC ACTION Staying Ahead of Cybersecurity, Travel Document, Trafficking and Airport Security Challenges. Also in this issue: Special Situations countries SDG Focus. Africa: AFI Week, Air Cargo, sustainable Growth. Bird Strike & Wildlife Hazard Reduction. Accident Survival 101

ICAO Journal Vol. 72 No. 1

Economic Enabler. Humanitarian Technology Innovation. Flexibility. Also in this issue. ICAN 2016, Alternative Fuels Seminar. Trip Symposium, IAWA/ICAO photo Contest

ICAO Vol. 71 No. 4

Also in This Issue: Interview: IATA DG and CEO Alexandre De Juniac. Cabin Safety Aspects in Accident Investigation: A Crucial Link. Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Aviation Resiliency.

ICAO Journal Vol. 71 No. 3

COSM2016 Highlights the Importance of ICAO’s Role in Bring Together States and Stakeholders for Sustainable Air Transport Development. State Profile Feature: Republic of Turkey. Also in This Issue: Landmark NACC Declaration on “No Country Left Behind”. AFI SECFAL Plan, Riyadh Declaration, Mark Ministerial Engagement. Solar Impulse Completes Zero – Fuel Round – The World Flight.

ICAO Journal Vol. 71 No. 2

Reviewing the Intensive Outreach and Consensus-building in the Lead up to One of Aviation’s Most Important Environmental Decisions at This Year’s 39th Assembly. State Profile Special Features: Indonesia and Malaysia. Evolving the PBN Global Concept Aligning Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean ATM. Getting a Jump on FRMS SARPS for ATCs. Refining Unruly Passengers Guidance. Leaders Interview: Patrik Peters,…

ICAO Journal Vol. 71 No. 1

New ICAO Council President Certificates to Recognize State Safety Oversight Audit Score Improvements. Also in This Issue: Reviewing ICAO’s Inaugural World Aviation Forum. ICAO CAEP Recommends New Emissions Standards. Solar Impulse Set to Complete RTW Solar Flight. Aviation Leader Interview: Angela Gittens. Eurocontrol Perspective on PBN Air Space. Safety Management: The UK CAA Journey. 24th AVSEC…

ICAO Journal Vol. 70 No. 4

State’s action plans drive partnerships and progress emissions/noise standards move ahead inder ICAO CAEP E-GAP seminar showcases emissions reduction aircraft end-of-life practices. State profile Special Features: United Arab Emirates Russian Federation. Also in the issue: ICAO Air Navigation Commission 200th Session. Public private partnerships. ADS-B to enhance brazil’s aviation safety,…

ICAO Journal Vol. 70 No. 3

ICAO’s 2015 World Aviation Forum sets the stage for a new era of global aviation development in support of local prosperity and the UN SDGs. Also in this issue: 2015 ICAO Counil off-site puts focus on training. Harmonizing passenger rights globally. New manual on child restraint systems. World leader interview – Capt Martin Chalk, IFALPA. ICAO Leader interview – Stephen Creamer.

ICAO Journal Vol. 70 No. 2

ICAO brings together states and industry to chart the safe integration of remotely piloted and aerospace operations. State profile special features: Malaysia – Indonesia. NO COUNTRY LEFT BEHIND: Driving progress on sustainable security for Africa and Ongoing PBN Implementation.

The objective of the Journal is to provide a concise account of the activities of the International Civil Aviation Organization and to feature additional information of interest to Contracting States and the international aeronautical world.

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