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ICAO Journal Vol. 73 No. 1

Combatting Human Trafficking. World's 1st PBN-Only Airspace. Report on Legal Seminar Africa. GASeP. AsiaPac. Green Airports. Alternative Fuels. Runway Safety. IWAF/3 in Nigeria. Encouraging a New Generation of Aviation Professionals

Training Report Vol. 8 No. 1

Supporting Strategic Partnerships. Also in this issue: The Data Explosion that is Transforming the Training Landscape. Gathering Data on Training Effectiveness. Effectively Training Customer Service Staff. Expanding the Reach of the Global…

ICAO Journal Vol. 72 No. 4

AVIATION FOR A BETTER FUTURE Global Connectivity and Economic Growth. Also in This Issue: Reports on Space 2017, GACS 2, Drone Enable/RPAS 2017, DGCA54. DREAMS SOAR-SHAESTA's Journey and ICAO's Support. The Emerging Era of Electrics.

ICAO Journal Vol. 72 No. 3

AVSEC ACTION Staying Ahead of Cybersecurity, Travel Document, Trafficking and Airport Security Challenges. Also in this issue: Special Situations countries SDG Focus. Africa: AFI Week, Air Cargo, sustainable Growth. Bird Strike &…

Training Report Vol. 7 No. 3

How One Pilot’s Journey Is Inspiring Women and Youth to Pursue STEM Education. Also in This Issue: Informing the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP). Where Today’s Pilots Come from. A Future with Artificial Intelligence.…