The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will be holding its inaugural Global Aviation Security Symposium (AVSEC2017) in collaboration with Airports Council International (ACI)  from 12 – 14 September, 2017 at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada.
The three-day Symposium will serve as a platform to promote the work of ICAO, its Member States and stakeholders in the area of aviation security. AVSEC2017 will bring together AVSEC professionals from around the globe to advance the cultivation of a new mind-set towards aviation security, one that embraces AVSEC as a culture beyond a set of standards. It will also strategically enhance international cooperation and collaboration to address the threat posed by terrorists targeting civil aviation by reinforcing, strengthening and promoting the international framework of aviation security standards.
AVSEC2017 will present all delegates with practical strategies and real-world applications for their implementation of effective aviation security measures. Five Technical Sessions form the heart of the programme.
To complement the Symposium, participants will have the opportunity to experience an interactive exhibition showcasing the latest State and industry AVSEC technology and process innovations. The programme will be strategically supported by keynote speeches, expert plenaries, table-top exercises, case studies,
workshops, Skytalks, practical demonstrations, interactive activities and multiple meeting platforms and networking receptions. 

ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium #AVSEC2017

AVSEC Culture - Beyond the Standards

Session 2: Vulnerability versus Threat: Risk-based Mitigation

Embark on a journey to learn more about emerging and evolving risks, such as cyber security, remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), insider threats, cargo, attacks at airport landside areas and risks arising from conflict zones through the lens of an integrated risk management approach.

Session 4: Security Processes and Technological Innovation - Part 1 

Participate in workshops, demonstrations, and discussions about the latest technologies and innovative security processes, including a Smart Security showcase. Through these sessions, benefit from the experiences of others in all areas related to screening.


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AVSEC2017 will bring together AVSEC professionals from around the globe to advance the cultivation of a new mind-set towards aviation security, one that embraces AVSEC as a culture beyond a set of standards.


Meet with our subject matter experts, representatives from our Member States, Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs, embassy Consular staff, International Organizations and many more.

An interactive experience showcasing the latest technologies, products and processes. Participants will get a first-hand experience of the future
of aviation security.

Innovative Exhibition

SKY Talks offers a unique opportunity to reach ICAO’s niche audience of high level civil aviation stakeholders. The taped presentations will be edited and released to the public on and ICAO’s associated social media platforms, reaching hundreds of thousands of aviation professionals online.

SKY Talks


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Aviation Security at ICAO Headquarters

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ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium



With more than 500 participants, present your products and services to our Member States, governments, International organizations and subject matter experts. 


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Session 3:  Effective Quality and Oversight Systems

Determine how effective quality control and oversight systems can be established in a State. Look at the interrelationships among airport, national, and international quality control and oversight programmes with a view to identifying areas for cooperation and improvement.


Tuesday, 12 September 


Wednesday, 13 September


Thursday, 14 September

Session 4: Security Processes and Technological Innovation - Part 2

Gain insights into sustainable security measures and innovative practices including human factors, behaviour detection, landside security measures, and explosive detection dogs.

Session 5: Capacity Building and Enhanced Cooperation

Study how cooperation and assistance can effectively counter threats to civil aviation when the aid is focused on the cause of the vulnerability. Explore mechanisms for combining ICAO, States’, and Industry resources to strengthen the global aviation security posture. Learn how to accurately identify technical assistance requirements and tailor the training and resource offerings to effectively resolve shortfalls.


Prospective and Confirmed

Dr. Fang Liu 

Secretary General, 


Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu 

President of the Council, 


Boubacar Djibo


Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

Stephen P. Creamer


Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO

Bernard Lim

International Relations and Security, 
Ministry of Transport, Singapore

Vladimir Chertok

Deputy Director, 
Federal Authority for Transport Oversight, Ministry of Transport, 
The Russian Federation

Oscar Rubio

AVSEC Director 
(Director de Seguridad de la Aviación, Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria, Argentina)

Poppy Khoza

Civil Aviation Authority, 
South Africa

Florin Hungerbühler

Security Inspector, Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication, Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Switzerland

Nina Brooks

Head of Security, 
Airports Council 
International World

Angela Gittens

Director General, 
Airports Council 
International World

Dr. Zhiqiang Chen 

Chief Executive Office, 
NUCTECH Company Limited

Five Key Themes

Promote the implementation of an effective security culture in order to enhance the global aviation system, which is critical to achieve sustainable outcomes. The existence of a well-trained, motivated and professional work force is a critical prerequisite for effective aviation security. A strong security culture must be developed from the top management across and within every organization.

Aviation Security Culture

Enhance understanding of aviation security risks for the development and implementation of policies and risk mitigating measures that are effective, proportionate and sustainable. Undertaking risk assessments will help to identify and prioritize gaps and vulnerabilities, which can then be urgently addressed in the most practical way possible, and with optimal use of resources.

Vulnerability versus Threat: Risk-based Mitigation

Encourage States and stakeholders to devise, establish and share new and innovative ways to implement security policies and sustainable aviation security measures through people, process and technology innovation.

Security Processes and Technological Innovation

Implement effective and sustainable quality control and oversight systems at the international, national and airport levels.

Effective Quality Control and Oversight Systems

Strengthen cooperation and sharing of information and best practices between and among States and stakeholders while enhancing capacity-building partnerships in view of the No Country Left Behind initiative. This will ensure assistance activities effectively counter threats to civil aviation and address security issues, so that all States have access to the significant socio-economic benefits of safe, secure and reliable air transport.

Capacity Building and Enhanced Cooperation


Preliminary Programme Overview

There are several exciting pre-symposium events this year; plan your travel so you can get in a day early and take part in these excellent professional development and educational opportunities.

AVSEC Table-top Exercises 

Solutions-Oriented Workshops

Innovative Exhibition!

Presented 9:00 - 17:00  throughout the symposium.

Daniel Goh

Assistant President, NUCTECH Company Limited

Sébastien Colmant

Development Manager, 
Smart Security, International Air Transport Association

 Jim Termini

Commercial Director, 
Redline Aviation Security Limited

Sonia Hifdi

Head, Directorate General 
for Civil Aviation France

Mircea Tudor

Chief Executive Officer, 


Pre-Symposium Events Day



Session 1: AVSEC Culture

Promote the implementation of a strong security culture through programmes, workforce optimization and personnel selection.

Opening Remarks & Keynote





End of Day 


Welcome Reception 

Innovative Exhibition!

Presented 9:00 - 17:00  throughout the symposium.







Welcome Reception 

End of Day 

Innovative Exhibition!

Presented 9:00 - 17:00  throughout the symposium.





End of Symposium

Closing Plenary 






Supporting the ICAO No Country Left Behind (NCLB) Campaign

Networking Platform

Tabletop Exercises

Capacity Building Workshops

This event will be a great platform for connecting State officials, government bodies, civil aviation authorities and industry leaders. ICAO is providing the unique opportunity to reserve State to State, State to Business and Business to Business meetings.

Join ICAO’s efforts in assisting States in implementing Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPs) by attending our auditing and assistance workshops, learning from our experts and meeting with government officials and industry stakeholders.

Interactive workshops based on practical applications will be strategically integrated throughout the programme to complement the AVSEC2017 experience.

The Table-top Exercises (TTXs) will evaluate the tools and processes available to respond to emerging threats. The end goal of the TTXs are to identify gaps in apprehending and responding to aviation security incidents while implementing appropriate mitigating security measures to counter them through multiple scenarios based on real-world experience.

 Sylvain Lefoyer 

Deputy Director, 
Aviation Security and Facilitation, 
Air Transport Bureau, ICAO